About Us

Welcome to Betty's Butterflies

Happy Children for a Happy Future!

We are a multicultural, play-based home environment providing children with the love, care, safety, respect and developmentally appropriate activities to help them grow happy and healthy while they reach their own milestones.


We offer full-immersion Spanish Daycare and Bilingual Spanish-English preschool. Betty’s Butterflies not only looks like a home, it also provides an atmosphere that makes children feel safe and welcome. As a family-owned business, we care for children as if they were our own, and value helping families in the community to live happy and healthy lives.

Our Story

We have worked with children for over 25 years. Betty was a Director at a school program in Mountain View when our own son was born. We started Betty’s Butterflies from the idea and need as parents and teachers to find a place for our own son where he would feel safe and loved, in addition to interacting with other kids and receiving early care focused on his specific needs.


We founded Betty’s Butterflies Daycare in September 2012 and in the same year we were recognized as a Top 7 Business Model Finalist in the Santa Clara County StartUp Cup Business Model Competition.

In May 2013, Betty’s Butterflies was invited to attend the Champions of Change Ceremony for Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Innovators at the White House. Betty received a public nomination, and our family was invited to attend as audience members for this special ceremony. The White House Champions of Change program highlighted the stories of people across the country who are strengthening their communities and moving America forward.


In 2015, we were selected—among 20 daycares in total—to join First Five California in the SEES program, which is a nationally recognized program for teachers to help children develop new vocabulary, early literacy skills, and the social-emotional foundation that children need to be ready for kindergarten. We also joined the Quality Matters Program in 2019, which is a community partnership to help increase the quality of our program.


Owning and directing Betty’s Butterflies has been a wonderful experience—we have the most amazing families and incredible children! Starting in Spring 2021, we opened a preschool campus right across the street.

Daycare & Preschool

Established in 2012


Daycare License Number: 434411407

Preschool License Number: 435700330

Capacity: 14 children in each campus



  • Daycare

  • Preschool

  • Summer Camps


We build a community with the families joining Betty’s Butterflies. We respect each child’s individuality and character. We consider ourselves a team with parents and guardians to provide care that is specific to the needs of each child.

We offer a multicultural and multilingual environment that advances curiosity and inquisitiveness through project-based activities. Our goal is to ensure children reach their own milestones while having fun, and in a nurturing and compassionate environment that exposes children to art, music, and movement. Teachers encourage and guide children’s learning through explorations, trial and error and by taking risks. We strive to provide children with the foundation of social, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary to grow physically, develop self-esteem, love learning, become socially adaptable and independent people beyond Betty’s.


We also value healthy eating and the protection of our planet earth. We are enrolled in the Healthy Roots Program that promotes outdoor activities and contact with nature while children learn to care for our planet, and we are part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program that encourages children to be physically active and have balanced nutrition.